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Donating Masks

April 1, 2020

With the supply shortage, our wonderful Butterfly team sewed masks to donate to our local hospitals.

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Honoring World Tuberculosis Day

March 24, 2020

Each day, over 4,000 people lose their lives to Tuberculosis (TB )and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this […]

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Celebrating the First Day of Spring

March 20, 2020

Happy first day of Spring! May it herald the blossoming of renewed health and life.

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 12, 2020

For more than three decades, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has proudly led the nation in observing Brain […]

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National Nutrition Month

March 5, 2020

“Eat Right, Bite by Bite!” March is National Nutrition Month! We encourage everyone to focus on making informed food choices […]

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Honoring Low Vision Awareness Month

February 28, 2020

By 2030, when the last baby boomers turn 65, the number of Americans who have visual impairments is projected to […]

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Recreational Therapy Month

February 18, 2020

Recreational Therapy Month raises awareness about the positive and pivotal impact of therapeutic recreation programs and services in improving health […]

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National Patient Recognition Week

February 4, 2020

National Patient Recognition Week promotes observance of health care patients. This week revolves around patient satisfaction, and upon observing patient […]

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Daily Dose of Inspiration!

January 30, 2020

From our friends at

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Boost Your Health Through Eating Well at Any Age

January 23, 2020

Whether you’re 68 or 86, eating well as you age can become a challenge. From decreased sensitivity to nausea from […]

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