How is hospice care paid for?

Hospice care costs are covered by Medicare (through the Medicare Hospice Benefit), Medi-Cal, Veteran’s Health Administration (VA), and most Private Insurers. A member of our team can assist you, if you think you are eligible or are unsure about what is covered under your insurance plan.

Our Mission

Butterfly Hospice Care provides compassionate whole-person care. Our commitment to our patients and their families is to deliver the highest quality of care that focuses on mind, body, and spirit. Butterfly Hospice Care is there to care, listen, and support you through challenging times while not losing sight of what matters most to you.

Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Liviu Chindris, MD
Dr. Liviu Chindris, MD
Dr. Liviu Chindris, MD

Our  Chief Medical Officer has a 30+ year experience, both in clinical and administrative roles.

Dr. Chindris started out in Primary Care (internal medicine/geriatrics), then moved on to hospital and skilled nursing home environments , before setting up the Comprehensive Care program for a large medical group. Later in his career, he developed a growing interest in Palliative/Hospice , End-of-Life as well as Supportive Care Medicine, which became his main focuses after his early retirement in 2012.

Since then, he has set up and led successful palliative care programs for local/regional entities and is now heading our  Supportive Medicine efforts in LA, OC and IE locations.

Our Team Professionals

At Butterfly Hospice Care our team is driven to ensure that the care we provide is the right care for you. Our multi-disciplinary team works to develop a tailored care plan to meet your every need. Whether you or your loved one is suffering from pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, you can be sure your comfort is our number one goal.

Attending Physicians
Attending Physicians

As a key member, the patient’s personal physician is responsible for overseeing and approving the patient’s Plan of Care.

Hospice Medical Director

The Hospice Medical Director is a physician specializing in hospice care who oversees and approves the patient’s Plan of Care in collaboration with the Attending Physician.

Registered Nurse

Hospice RN’s specialize in symptom management ensuring the patient’s comfort.

Hospice Aid and Homemaker
Hospice Aid and Homemaker

The Hospice Aid provides assistance with the patient’s personal care.

The social worker
Social Worker

The Hospice Social Worker is responsible for the overall support of the patient and family. They can assist with financial planning and advance directives as well as emotional support.

Hospice Chaplain

The Hospice Chaplain is responsible for providing spiritual support to all patients and family members.


The Hospice Volunteer fills a very special role in hospice care. They may provide companionship, respite, emotional support and offer help in many different ways.


The Hospice Dietitian will be consulted as needed, to improve the patient’s nutritional status, whenever possible.

Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapist

Speech, physical, and/or occupational therapists will be utilized as needed to improve the patient’s quality of life.

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